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EMR mind Machine Crime on all software companies in India

EMR mind Machine Crime on all software companies in India – It’s called high educated terrorism, internal link with LADEN regime:

Brief description of EMR:

It’s take the human retina scan to get the human thinking image from eye from long distance. All general people of world can’t catch it they will think that it is imagination of mind but it is real in world happening by advance technology. Like cloning, DNA using some advance biotechnology research. some neuroscience/biological/ bioelectromagnetism advance research using to change the human chemical reaction internally by sending some sound according to their thinking generation on head each and every time. Then they can change human mind to occupy human control like as robot and human will be control by them. There using one EMR radar and human retina scanner. Retina scanner scan human eye through light. Mean communication media light. Everyone can’t understand it first time they will think it’s imagination and some miracle but it is possible. , the microwaves voices indeed has been used to drive people mad, the automobiles have been installed the emitters of electromagnetic waves . Why isn't our society aware of this? We hope every citizen will have knowledge of this alarming issue and help to ask the government to implement legislation to regulate the use of such machine. It is the only way to preserve our country as a country For the people, Of the people, and By the people. We cannot ignore the danger poses by this EMR mind machine (which also includes the Nonlethal weapon) . It must be stopped and it only can be stopped with the help of responsible citizens like you guys. I am writing this letter to inform you guys of a great threat to human rights and our human being way of lives. The conclusion is that it should be a kind of radiation waves which can penetrate the wood, brick, metal, & concrete. According to the bio-science, the only radiation waves which has the penetrates ability also relate with human body (body-electric) is the electromagnetic waves. the Russian top institutes on mind control research had been working on electromagnetic waves in 1950s-1960s. It proved that the Russia first discovered electromagnetic waves could be used on mind control. (The POW in Korea had proved that a kind of electromagnetic waves machine of Russia had been used on them when they were interrogated.). Before we discuss the crime of conspirators, at least, we can determine one thing that they still use the radio waves way to remote read the victims' thoughts. There is a radar can find a fly kilometer or track a person at twenty-five miles. use ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) to induce sleep or manic behavior on human being.EMR can use the ELF to change the human being emotion which was produced by ESB. EMR can use the microwaves frequency to deliver spoken message to human brain. EMR use the radio waves ( electromagnetic waves) to hypnotize people or change their thoughts. EMR use ELF to suppress human thoughts & change human's behavior, motion, or will. "Freedom of human privacy & thoughts" is true. EMR do mind control and the human behavioral modifications.EMR sound the deaf people can hear it. Mind machine operators indeed have the enough knowledge to hurt a human brain by their invisible radiation waves in various way if they so desire. Mr. Kogan, the chairman of the Bioinformation Section of the MBPS, was carrying out experiments on distance mental suggestion, long-range, inter-city telepathy and awakening a subject from a hypnotically induced sleep by "beamed" suggestion. Other Soviet research is into tapping the electrical field known to be emitted by the human brain, both to read the thoughts & control them (Freemantle, page 98 of "CIA" ) The above information shows that the KGB had started using electro- magnetic radiation (EMR) as the tools to read thoughts in their machine. If the Russian had succeeded in using the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) as the tool to read human thoughts, then I do believe the CIA would use the same technologies because it is invisible, wireless and leaves no evidences. the director of CIA technical service, destroy all of CIA's record of mind control program in 1973 and claim to have forgotten all research details and information when he testified to the US Senate in 1977. In the infamous program-" MKULTRA" within EMR , this Agency used various way which included hypnosis, psychedelic drugs..etc. The purpose was looking for adapting bioelectric sensing method. : "There was a running interest in what effects people's standing in the field of radio energy have, and it could easily have been that somewhere in the many projects someone was trying to see if you could hypnotize somebody easier if he was standing in a radio beam."EMR want to use the same theory to change human mind (thoughts or behavior) by radio waves (microwaves) but not ultrasound (the current technology used in the Russian Mind machine). It did proved that the device mind machine-"TRM" indeed succeeded. Thoughts are just the voice-less (unspoken words) "language" inside the brains. Language express thoughts with voices. When a person think or speak the same phrase (like "How are you?"), the electrical representation (electrical impulse) of the thoughts or the speech inside the brain should be the same. The above experiments of Dr. Sharp proved that they could use the microwaves to deliver message (spoken words) to human brains (the electrical impulses which represent the voices). Based on the above evidences and logic, then they should be able to do the reverse (read a person's thoughts by decoding the electrical impulses [brain waves] inside the person's brain into language). This is because to deliver a message using microwaves, they must translate spoken words ("How are you?") into electrical impulses (brain waves) which can be interpreted as voices by the brain (like "How are you?). If they use microwaves to deliver the message to you, then you can hear the voice in your mind (brain). The only difference will be that the voices is not "your voices", but it is as if someone else is speaking (whisper) in your mind ---Other person's thoughts is delivered to your mind in language way but no normal voices can be heard by ears. However at this time, your thoughts will show up on computer screen as words (voice-less language) if the collected brain waves is sent to CPU, or if they send your brain waves (through the use of microwave radiation electronics devices) directly into another person's brain, then you might whisper to the other person's mind (without "normal voice") [In other words, the other is sharing your thoughts]. I would like to show you this kind information. In 1975 a primitive mind reading machine was tested at the Stanford Research Institute. The machine used a computer which recognizes a limited amount of words by monitoring a per- son's silent thoughts. This technique relies upon the discovery that brain wave tracings (EEG) show distinctive patterns that correlate with individual words - whether the words are spoken aloud or merely subvocalized (thought of). ( Walter Bowart: Operation Mind Control. 1978 p. 268.) This kind research indeed prove that they should have had the ability to read human thoughts via microwaves frequency since they can use the microwaves frequency to deliver message to human brain in 1973. ( According above way, if each different word has different brainwaves pattern then create three or even ten thousand popular words from the brain waves pattern, can build a dictionary of human thoughts in CPU to interpret the brain waves--read the thoughts.) However the only exception should be that when the brain waves (electric impulse) which describe vision. That's because this visual information encode in brain much like to interpret picture (sense) than thoughts. So that's why CIA needed to collect human brain waves which interpret visual information after 1973. Furthermore, the director of CIA technical service destroyed the full record of mind control in 1973. It prove that they already succeeded and invented the "Thoughts Reading Machine" (This device might be invented from the cooperation with other University.) in 1973, otherwise they would not destroy the records of their valuable programs except they totally gave up the mind control research. ( However the evidence showed they didn't give up the mind control after 1973.) These information would be vital to continue their research on mind control. The logical reason for destroying all the records is that they have already invented this "Thoughts Reading Machine" or had obtained the mind machine-"TRM" device from a cooperated University. By destroying the records, it will be difficult to reproduce experiments that were done, and it will be nearly impossible to prove that they have invented and have these type of mind machine. The action of CIA to destroy all records also shows that the agency should have found the correct method to read human thoughts (using the electromagnetic radiation waves as the thoughts detecting tool.) but not drugs or electric shock, or even they gave up on implants and electrode stimulation brain (EMB). By destroying the records, the CIA have tried to ensure that there will be no security leaks. Especially, comparing with their action one can see that CIA didn't give up the goal to change human behavior after 1973, it is also appears that the agency was advancing their technologies with experiments in field such as hypnosis, emotion change, etc. since 1974. Also the delivered message were totally changed to use (focus) the electromagnetic radar waves (EMR). This prove that they already found the right way to use the (focus) EMR to detect thoughts or deliver messages and It indeed succeeded in 1973. So Dr. Gottlieb still led the human behaviors control and the Director of "MKULTRA" plan program after 1973. In 1974, the lots research experiments of CIA already prove that they can send spoken words, subliminal message ,or hypnosis by the electromagnetic radar waves (EMR) to change the human behavior. (See "The Body Electric" on page 320-321) The experiments appear that they not only didn't give up the mind control but advanced the device thoughts machine from their technique of experiments. It did prove that the "Thoughts Reading Machine" should have invented from the original electro-sleep machine and had advanced as a mind machine to change human behavior in 1973. Also the collected information prove that the Russia used the electromagnetic waves as their mind machine tool. In 1983 there was a public meeting at Loma Linda Va hospital and released photos, information concerning a Russian Lida machine. This small transmitter could emitted 10-hertz waves for tranquilization & more better suggestibility. Such similar machine had been used to POW in Korea. ( The above information prove that Russia used the same idea --the electromagnetic radiation waves as the hypnotic delivered tool.) It show that electromagnetic waves or radiation waves indeed are the thoughts Detected tool of US Mind machine. In 1974-1977, they were full interesting in how hypnotize a person & change one's thinking with the EMR. (According to the testify of Dr. Gottlieb in Senate) They should find that only to keep people sleep (dreaming) or think then to read human thoughts would spend lot of time to collect useful information. That's because they need to wait the subject think about the information which they need. Even the operators can push the subject to keep sleeping (dreaming) or thinking by their machine, but how could lead the subject's thoughts toward the needed information still a problem to them at that time. To detecting a person thoughts in such condition, the machine operator would feel boring( without patience) & tired to keep their eyes on the screen of "EMR Mind machine/TRM" because lots information might be useless or purely belong to one's regular life. That's why they're so strong interested in hypnosis-EMR interaction in 1974, because they need the skill to change human thoughts while they're thinking. So I would like to deduce that the original "Mind machine/TRM" was invented in 1973. ( Or the CIA may got the mind machine device patent from the cooperated university this year in 1973.) On the other hand, I recently read a very valuable information which was written on the book "Zapping of America"--author, Paul Brodeur. It mentioned that a insider information had been reported by National Enquirer on June 22,1776. It said that Since 1973 the Advanced Research Projects Agency had been sponsoring a program to develop a machine that could "read minds from a distance" by deciphering the brain's magnetic waves. A scientist involved in the program had declared that the ultimate goal of his work was to exercise control over the brain. I will deduce that the above news is a fact basically. Why? I would like to explain it to you, This report mentioned this mind machine read mind from distance by deciphering the brain (electric) magnetic waves is exactly same as the research of the CIA mind machine, besides the time point out on 1973 is also correct as the fact or as my deduction. So I deduce that 1n 1973, the Advance Research Project Agency was noticed that the EMR mind machine had been invented by CIA then it provided the budget to CIA for the further research, so it was sponsoring the program to CIA to continentally develop the mind machine. Only the CIA EMR mind machine had been invented then the scientist involved in the further research program could & dared to declare that "the ultimate goal of his work was excise control over the brain."

I already victim of that EMR mind machine.

Purpose of this mind machine to control human brain:

1. Can purchase fully human brain to control them.

2. Can make the good lady to prostitute.

3. Can break the human thinking to break their aim of life.

4. Can diverge the human good thinking to make them crime.

5. Human can’t think for a moment that EMR will attack each and every time.

6. Their main target human anxiety and human weak point. To break them and they can control properly human by their way.

7. Their main target also human main happiness to inspire more and give them full satisfaction to control them properly.

8. They target human to behave like as psycho front of other that they can identify their target mad.

9. Make the human greedy to make them come on their track.

10. When target out of their control they will make them to speck alone on way that other will think mad – then they can put the target human on their psycho hospital to kill them.

11. They only want get their work has to be done mean they’re goal has to be finish on the specific target and if target become greedy they make them down mean weak to take control again of that target human.

12. If target understand their plan and want to take step against of then they can kill them any time because it is very difficult to understand for general peoples. So how many people they killed like that way.

13. EMR also change human daily routine to make them mad.

14. They will try to make understand target like they are thinking good about their target to reach them to success point/aim. To make them emotional to take control of target.

15. EMR only control the human being when human think their personal thinking of life that is main attack point of EMR mind m/c.

16. EMR machine can send the sound like as known someone sound to make them fool – to attack again when Target full out of their control. Like some known persons are speaking to each other and telling about target that the target is very good – inspiring them. Mean EMR make false impression to make target will be satisfied and come to EMR m/c track to victim them again.

17. All software company in India According to the employee experiences the increase the sound frequency of EMR radar. So small experience guy of software Development Company of India they can’t catch these imagination of sounds. Company emphasizes the pressure on employees to harass the employee to solve their issue/project within sort time and take their freedom. So some of software employees have died india but we guys didn’t catch what’s happens on background.

18. Target of EMR machine victim make the situation that target will think more.

19. If any target out control of EMR m/c controller, EMR m/c controller main target to prove the target is psycho.

20. Company take very responsible candidate because they have lot of responsibility in their back ground whatever company will want to from candidate they should do according to their requirement by using EMR mind machine.

21. Company using EMR mind machine to control all good lady of their company to handle abroad client. They can use their company lady to sleep with them.

22. They are tracking mobile to send signal, they take the control of mobile SIM.

All private big software companies in india using this EMR machine to harass employees. They can make them mad like that way. I am also a victim of EMR mind machine. I am software engineer I worked last 5 software companies Lxlabs, Sony India Pvt. Ltd.(SARD), Profession software consultant(AdDate), Samsung India Software Operation(SISO), Currently working on dWise solution in Bangalore,India. I started experiment on this type of sound from long time after leave Sony. Currently EMR mind machine unable to work on my head, so I able to catch the EMR mind machine main work function. Everyone software companies is using these EMR mind machine to kill the employees personal aim and way of thinking and for lady it is very harassment/lady’s holiness, they can do anything to all lady employees of software companies by using this EMR mind machine. All also I experiment that these all big software companies head position guys supporting international terrorist by giving money to them.

To catch this type “high crime team” of all software companies in india require high quality neuroscience/bioscience/ bioelectromagnetism/physiography and communication expert research team.

I am highly expecting to stop this type of crime which killing innocent human being of corporate world, I am more emphasizing to protect victimize all ladies employees of all software companies of india. I think you guys will take fast step as soon as possible. Thanking you.

Mainly there are harassing the ladies of all software companies and also other employees. So we guys should take fast step as soon as possible to stop this crime to live the human happily in world.

Target(victim) can self defense to avoid EMR :

1. Whatever target is doing target do those thing more when EMR unable to attack the target to victimize target properly.

2. When EMR unable to control target to make believe them. Again EMR won’t send signal according to human nerves sense for some time to make confuse them.

Dangerous problem: if any human being target by EMR minds m/c they will be

Target hole life. Because in world have a EMR mind machine separate network to control all software employees.

Real time example: Like all software employees is mobile having life time incoming/outgoing free and there have lot of mobile towers in world wide.

Here mobiles are: Software Employees

Networks are: EMR mind machine separate n/w of micro wave frequency range.

To get Visual data from the human being retina scanner is using. BG networking also supporting this EMR mind machine.

From when I attack by “EMR mind machine” in my PG room I able to experiment properly. And I am getting one extra network in my Labtop BG network.final_bg_nw.jpg

All the guys handling this EMR mind machine I know some of themes –

Listed names as following -------------------



3) dWise softwaresolution

All high position guys of Software Company only know about this machine so very few people of every company know about this machine. If anybody has understood about this machine in any software company then higher position guys will wash their brain by this EMR mind machine and harass them more to forget all things – mean they increase the frequency of EMR microwave on the specific target (employee) to make more pressure and don’t know how many software employee every day killed like that way. Most of the peoples don’t know how software employees are killing by EMR m/c every day in world. I worked all above companies and catch that machine.

All big software companies(like SONY, SAMSUNG) are using this EMR machine very carefully for their reputation problem.

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  1. Be very careful with this new invention. I am a victim of this machine. I went to Thailand and had my mind rapped by the mafia/terrorist. They caused severe brain damage to my mind and are here still rapping my mind. Now I am in Alexandria VA where the have followed me to. I know this may sound like I am crazy, but I am not. I cannot see these people but can here them talking to me. I did some research online and found out they use a machine called EMR. This machine can read your mind, manipulate voices and cause severe pain to your brain. These satan people are corrupted. I have no one to turn to for help. They threaten to kill my family and friends and deprive me of my sleep for the past two years. These people ruined my life and are illegally rapping and torturing my mind. I am willing to take a lie detector test if you don't believe me because these evil people are still here rapping my mind rather than reading. These terrorist are using this machine for the wrong purposes. Some of these people are corrupted offices that work for the CIA and use this machine to harass peoples family to gain power. They surrounded my house and are torturing my family. I was 28 years old when started this and now 30 and am still being tortured. Please if there is someone out there who can help catch these terrorist please contact me at Me and my family are in danger of being killed. You can google this machine by typing in EMR mind reading machine to find out more. I have read about this machine and have found out that these terroist/mafia have done this before to many people and need to be caught. PLEASE HELP!

    1. If anyone has a solution to this problem or advice please contact me as well at

  2. I too am a victim of the machine and have searched for ways to relieve myself of the burden but have been stuck.

  3. This is just a scrap shit ..let them read your mind.. you are not Albert Einstein to invent something... This just a scam by psychiatrist gang..just altering your brain waves... There is no EMF..and some scrap shit pharmacy, doctors doing it to sell their services and make money fast..let them read your open minded..think like a porn star.. everything open.. what else you need apart from that..

  4. The government should keep surveillance on doctors, pharmaceutical, lab technician and anyone involved in medical profession and take strict action and compensate people effected under this scam.. looks like another multi crore million scam going on

  5. In simple terms MONSTER MEDICAL make quick bucks

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